Real Estate Development: Ecosystem Digital Platform

Urbanisa is a technology company in Real Estate Development: with four specializations, which according to our strategy, will lead us to position ourselves as one of the best companies in the Real Estate technology field.

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In 2002 Urbanisa's founders created a successful vertical integrated Real Estate Development Holding in Central America that suffered from the 2008 economic crash. The decision to adopt the Lean company strategy took them to incorporate a company in the USA with the name of Urbanisa. This new company emphasizes technology to solve the industry's problem as one of the least tech-driven industries. Urbanisa USA, Inc Startup is working on Iridiu the Urbot: an AI platform that connects all the players in the ecosystem, from the customers to the financial institutions. Also, it is working to create a Urbanisa Network Latin America called Inteliuno, a network of Real Estate, planners, and Builders companies, working under one brand. In the United States, Urbanisa is working on a new venture called Cloud Parks.

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We create a new breed of connected open-air entertainment marketplace parks for the current and evolving customer. The Millenial and Z generations prefer online to shop and hybrid open space for enjoyment. Electronic commerce has changed the way we purchase, many malls and traditional commercial centers are increasingly vacant: nowadays, customers don't have to leave their homes to buy, and when they do leave their homes, they are looking for an open-air experience, in a rich natural and connected environment. 

Cloud Parks technology is a planning and management platform, which helps entrepreneurs grow into new markets.  Cloud Parks includes three types of concepts: Bar Market, Food Halls  &  Fresh Food.

Our platform connects the current ecosystem: available commercial centers, abandoned parking lots, city vacant lots owners, modular container builders, business management companies, delivery platforms, event management entrepreneurs, and logistics companies. There are thousands of lands in cities across the globe.


Real Estate 

Our Real Estate Investment Trust and developer partners will provide the necessary funding solutions to help build mixed-use connected, flexible buildings. 

The on-demand economy with a hybrid: delivery, cashless, omnichannel, and localization commerce is creating a new Real Estate investment force. 


 Bar Market, Family Food Halls  &  Fresh Food



" Urbanisa is my turnkey solution, for my project development in my country. "

" I like the way Urbanisa help me develop my project, providing one stop solution,  . "

" From my concept or Idea, to reality, Urbanisa has every solution to may need from financing to new construction technology."