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Currently working on a Crypto liquidity/loan/mortgage platform (Fintech platform) to serve the Latin American diaspora in the US and other similar markets, it will be connected to the production units in order to guarantee the complete cycle.

Urbanisa founders, since 2002 have developed more than 1,500 units, our focus on solving problems such as 1)  Real Estate construction is 30 years behind manufacturing, 2) it takes on average two years of permit and planning to start a small project,  3) Cost Overruns, 4) It is a labor-intensive activity: Those problems have led us our core strategies. Those strategies include the adoption of a stakeholder approach; an environment rather than shareholders, a Lean Organization that can be deployed and scale quickly into new territories. Our focus on technologies such as Web3 and Artificial Intelligence is key to our growth. Also, we are working on the development of our web3 ecosystem platform that streamlines the interactions of all stakeholders in the development process.

Urbanisa has its office in the prestigious The Hub UF Innovate from the University of Florida; the US Founders Ricardo, Frank, and Kevin Kevin Gallopp are working closely with a team of professionals in many files to develop the first dedicated and focused Real Estate Development and Construction platform. The team is also working on other start-ups projects such as Tokens Food and kitchens Table.

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Ricardo Gallopp J., a tech-savvy senior, business major, serial entrepreneur, and Real Estate Developer: has developed more than 1,500 units with his companies in Central America; in 1996, he founded one of the first (ISP)  internet providers. free2home was his US venture in 1999, just before the .com bubble burst. His passion for technology and innovation lead Ricardo to help many young entrepreneurs develop their concepts. Nowadays, working with his sons Frank, Kevin, and Ricardo at the University of Florida UF Innovate, developing construction and food industry IA Platforms.- Far from the days when he developed Residencial Los Hidalgos, a master-planned community designed for more than 3,000 units in Latin America. Residencial El Manantial ( 2002), a thousand units, mid-income suburban neighborhood in Tegucigalpa Honduras, was one of his most difficult projects.

In 2019, after receiving a specialization course with Emetirtus and MIT, he became in love with AI platforms; Ricardo is currently using more than 25 years of experience to manage a team and develop Artificial intelligence platforms for construction and food industry. 

We believe that with care and technology, we can save of our planet

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