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At Urbanisa, we are a team of passionate individuals with a strong commitment to revolutionizing real estate development through technology and innovation. With our founder's extensive experience in real estate development, we have successfully developed over 1,500 units, and we are determined to solve the biggest problems facing the industry today.

We understand that real estate construction is 30 years behind manufacturing, which is why we are dedicated to finding new solutions to streamline the construction process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Our stakeholder approach prioritizes the environment and all those involved in the development process, rather than focusing solely on shareholders. We believe in deploying a lean organization that can quickly scale into new territories, allowing us to bring our innovative solutions to even more people.

At Urbanisa, we believe that technology is the key to our growth, and we are committed to adopting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Our team is currently working on developing an AI platform that will streamline the interactions of all stakeholders involved in the development process, reducing cost overruns and creating a more efficient and effective process.

We are passionate about real estate development and are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the industry's biggest challenges. If you share our passion and are looking for a team to help bring your project to life, please get in touch with us today. We are excited to work with you to bring your vision to reality.

We believe that with care and technology, we can save of our planet

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