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We are a group of tech startups in the Construction & Food industries, providing market platforms and SAAS with artificial intelligence and machine learning, also creating our brick and mortar platform. 

The Opportunity
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be a key member of the executive leadership team, of a group of start-up companies and will be responsible for the following functions.

Job Requirements

  • Experience with Start-Up accounting and Finance

  • Strong business and financial acumen

  • Experience working with investment banks to raise significant capital

  • Familiarity with US government contracting and the associated financial oversight process

  • Experience growing a business from startup through IPO or acquisition

  • Highly polished communications and presentation skills

  • A rigorous work ethic

  • Skin in the game: a willingness to take ownership interests over short-term compensation

Job Responsibilities

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Master and strategic planning in coordination with President and Principal

  • Supervise annual audit

  • Develop and maintain the annual company operating budget. Utilize forward-looking models and financial analyses to develop insight into the organization’s operations.

  • Review and analyze monthly financial results, then prepare and present monthly financial reports including monthly budget vs. actual by department and department, and weekly cash flow.

  • Prepare financial presentations for Board meetings and engage the finance committee and/or board of directors to develop short term and long term plans, projections, and budgets.

  • Identify, develop and execute analysis of business initiatives, product launches, and/or new service offerings and provide insights and recommendations

  • Manage financial planning and analysis department. Supervise the creation of reports, software implementation, and tools for budgeting and forecasting.

  • Accounting Oversight

  • Arrange short and long-term financing whenever necessary.


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