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Engineered Solutions Specialist

Responsible for maximizing the specification and sales of designed engineered solutions/systems through the identification of target applications, creation of designed solutions, provision of bid packages to all bidding contractors, convincing of winning bidder to use and purchase our solution, and ensuring full delivery of the products and services agreed to on the purchase order. Develops and executes a unique bid strategy for each target project, with the goal to sell the relevant bid package to the responsible contractor.

What does the role involve?

Regularly scans project databases and makes assessments of the most attractive projects to target, based on multiple criteria including, but not limited to, key applications, and assessment of the competitive market situation, the key contractors in the bid process, and their capabilities. Prioritizes target projects through managed, constantly evolving project funnel.
Specifies creation of engineered solutions for overhead grid, raised floor, pipe/cable tray supports, seismic bracing solutions.
Provides practical check on engineered solution as it relates to project environment and application as well as market competitiveness. Applies technical expertise to designs as needed.
Builds relationships with bidding contractors by creating, submitting, and participating actively in, bid packages during pre-design and design phases. Represents Hilti at pre-bid meetings and promotes Hilti as engineered solution provider.
Sells low bidder (winner) on engineered solution’s value add, overcomes objections, closes, and supports with submittal for inclusion in project design. Cross sells other related Hilti products.
Coaches Account Managers (AM’s) in coverage area to improve competence of key project types, applications, and products (Install, Anchor, DX) and their ability to answer basic technical questions.
Teaches and influences AM’s how to scan for good opportunities and ask clarifying questions full potential and integrate into project funnel.
Directs the relationships with our 3rd party fabricator/supply partners as well as 3rd party engineering/design firms, both of which are integral to the final Engineered Solution. This includes owning the process for necessary agreements/contracts and working with the Legal team to finalize a Hilti-preferential business relationship. Ensures contract compliance and risk management of 3rd party service providers.
Tracks successes/failures and regularly provides ROI assessment and bid proposal conversion rate.
Leads process improvement initiatives identified through the Review and Improve process and
standardizes the process/system within Hilti. Aids in expansion of Engineered Solutions capability in target markets.
Leverages Technical Back-Office, Hilti Field Engineer, Regional Manager, and Account Manager as needed throughout the process.
Other duties as needed or assigned

Last year alone, we introduced 40 new products, services and softwaresolutions to the global construction market.

What do we offer?

We’ll give you everything you need to excel in your role, including ongoing training and lots of responsibility from the start. In return for your exceptional performance and consistent results, you’ll receive one-to-one career mentoring, as well as exciting opportunities domestically and internationally.

Why should you apply?

We have an excellent mix of people and some of our best account managers joined us with little or no construction experience. Success at Hilti is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

What you need is:

B.S. in Civil/Mechanical/Structural Engineering or equivalent experience
Experience in Installation system engineering and design is preferred
Proven success with selling value added and/or engineered solutions to contractors/end users
Familiarity with project plans, specifications and commercial terms

  • Preferably, internal candidates will have been in current role for at least 18-24 months

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