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Overview of the construction industry

Today, industries in all sectors have had to reinvent themselves or adapt to the circumstances of the pandemic, some more easily than others.

The construction industry was no exception. In order to optimize processes and management, several advances have been made thanks to various technological solutions.

Since mid-2020 there has been sustained growth and statistics from early 2021 show that the construction industry has definitely grown. According to the global economic outlook, it is expected to continue to rise.

The pillars for the development and success of the construction sector in the coming years must include a process of transformation, innovation and integration of new areas of opportunity:

  • Flexibility in work spaces (Face-to-face - Online) achieving quality and comfort

  • Integration of digital resources in all processes

  • Adaptation according to the new lifestyle

  • Implementation of different tools

  • Boosting industrial construction due to increased online trade.

  • Agility in the procedures for construction permits

  • Optimization of internal and external management

Urbanisa ecosystem offers solutions that will allow implementing improvements, optimization and speed in building projects.

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